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"I want a man that knows how to treat a woman."

The definition of "how to treat a woman" seems to be open to opinion and interpretation. In conjunction with the use of this dating site, many seem to use it as a declaration of a desire for financial support, while others consider it to revolve around personality characteristics, such as honesty, respect, chivalry, etc.


Treating a woman properly is all about being a gentleman, and has nothing to do with money.

Knowing how to treat a woman properly has nothing to do with money. Money does enable a man to give more financially if he has it. However, knowing how to treat a woman properly is about honesty, respect, communication, acceptance, and knowing how to be a gentleman in all aspects of his interaction.




Treating a woman properly is indirectly or directly related to financial support.

A man should provide for his woman financially, whether it be full support, regular gifts, or both. A man cannot treat a woman properly without spending significant money on her. Therefore, a man cannot know how to treat a woman, without the means and willingness to do so.

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